Lagavulin DE 1991

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Lagavulin DE 1991

Postby petecaps » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:16 pm

Have seen a few posts reffering to the 1990. Picked up the last bottle of the 1991. Anyone have this yet?

Either going to give it to my buddy (he loves the DE crap :headbang: ) tomorrow, or if this stuff is something really good or special, I will give it to him much later :smoke:


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Re: Lagavulin DE 1991

Postby jimidrammer » Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:06 pm

Here's the notes I posted a while back:

Name: Lagavulin 1991 Distiller's Edition 43% abv

Region: Islay

Color: Rich amber, dark orange, almost garnet

Nose: Velvety waft of smoke, dark fruits, driftwood, sea salt, brine, soft leather notes, candle wax, oak aged balsamic vinegar, glazed pork, dogwood blossoms

Palate: Sweet pastries, ashes/char, billowing smoke and spice middle, tangy stone fruit, fresh dill, dry wood note

Body: Oily start, then a singe of spice dryness hangs on

Finish: Everything glides along in harmony for long moments

Notes: Voluptuous. I never thought the standard Lagavulin 16yo could be improved upon, but here is a fine example of what a marriage with Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks can do. With a splash of water: horse stable aromas, mineral note; taste falls apart, water is an insult to this dram in my opinion.

Quote: A big bosom lady with a Dutch accent

Score: 95

I'd characterize it like most people have as being different, but on par, with the 16yo and worth a try.

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