Malta in the Med

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Malta in the Med

Postby Onefortheditch » Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:16 am

As its been so miserable here in the Inverness, we went off to Majorca for a week and it was “scorchio”. 8)

As usual my wife did some shopping and I found myself in liquor shops checking out the whisky. :D

Although the shops were dominated by blends, there were lots of malts (or malta as it says on the menu) too.

Glasgow airport was a revelation. (We could have flown direct from Inverness, but the plane was full) Glasgow had a very good choice and good prices too!

I bought a Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21YO for £40 and it was very enjoyable sitting on my hotel balcony in the evening sun sipping it. My views on whisky being a cold weather drink have now changed!!

In Palma airport, the choice was not so good and I only bought a Johnny Walker Red Label as I’d been meaning to try it for some time. Tried a 5cl of the Black Label and it was quite nice.

The most interesting whisky I saw was a Grand Old Parr which I haven’t seen in Scotland. I considered buying it, but didn’t in the end. It is the Old Parr Superior which is the JMWB 2007 whisky of the year, but Grand Old Parr gets a score of 90, so Jim likes it.

Looking in liquor shops for unusual whisky in the Med is quite a good way to take a break from the sun and I’d highly recommend it!!

What unusual whisky have you spotted in the Med and where? :?:

(I was in Cala D’Or).

(My next island trip is working in Shetland at the end of August…..unfortunately the hotels don’t’ have balconies for sitting out in the evening.) :cry:

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