A.Overholt & Co Pure Rye Whiskey 1872

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A.Overholt & Co Pure Rye Whiskey 1872

Postby Solitary_Trucker » Sat Jun 23, 2007 7:50 pm

Hello there people with knowledge!!

Not really sure whether this is the right forum to be in for this question but here goes:

Whilst clearing out my recent desceased fathers house considering he never drunk in his life a number of wines dates 1921 and 1934 but fot this forumn I found a bootle of rye whisky I believe was made in 1872. I have searched the net in research but the label is nothing like any i have seen most labels appear to be much later. The head line is

A.overholt & Co
Established 1810
Distillers of Monongahela Pure Rye Whisky
the finest rye whiskey in the world
Pittsburgh PA

the neck has a collar stuck on it it saying "Distilled in 1872 bottled by WM.J.Friday, Pittsburgh,PA"

The neck appears to have a lead seal over similar to a wine bottle with some sort of stamp impressed in on it at the very top. Once I cleared the half inch of dust of the bottle i havent had the guts to wash it in case i destroy the label the clarity appears very good a deep deddish brown with no sort of sediment at all. Any advice would be very helpful as to also a possible value or what i should do with it to find out more.

Meanwhile i am going back to the 100% proof old grandad whiskey we found at the same time dated 1951 never been a bourbon drinker but its growing on me

Thanks for your help Paul

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Postby RufusA » Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:20 pm

Looks like it may be an oldie. For example the bottlers "WM J Friday" were only called that between 1889-1896:

http://www.pre-pro.com/midacore/view_ve ... id=PIT2473

No personal knowledge but might be worth contacting the current owners of the "Old Overholt" brand - Jim Beam I believe, as well as the West Overton museum, who may have some distillery history to hand:


As to value I suspect the only way of valuing a bottle of this vintage is to speak with a specialist auctioneers. If you are selling how much it makes depends largely on who's interested on the day.

HTH - Rufus.

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