Talisker 18

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Talisker 18

Postby ScotchPalate » Thu Mar 29, 2007 3:00 am

I hadn't takin' a sip of my Talisker 18 in a bit. Although I do remember the peppery-ness and some of the faint sweeter complex notes, and of course the iodine tang. But I don't remember the iodine tang being so pronounced. It could be that I don't remember correctly, or that my palate is more sensitive that it used to be. There's no problem. I rather enjoy it.

Has anybody found the Talisker 18 to become more tangy (iodine) with age?

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Postby Admiral » Thu Mar 29, 2007 4:33 am

I didn't notice any change over time, but then again, my bottle last very long for much change to occur! :wink:

However, what you are describing is a reasonably common observation. I'm not suggesting that certain whiskies necessarily take on a more tangy or iodine-like character with time, but they do certainly change in the bottle once oxygen has been introduced.

I had an old bottle of Glenmorangie Madeira Wood that I (accidentally) let sit for too long once the contents had got down to about a third-full, and when I finally returned to the bottle six months later, it was definitely spicier than I remembered it being.

This observation has been remarked upon many times on these pages over the years, so what you've noticed is nothing to be alarmed at. I guess the more important issue is whether or not you still enjoy the whisky, and you've indicated that you do! :)


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