FRYSK HYNDER Golden Spirit of Frisia

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FRYSK HYNDER Golden Spirit of Frisia

Postby The Dazzler » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:23 am


I am currently sampling some whisky from Holland called Frysk Hynder. It is a single malt which has been matured for three years in a red wine barrel. It is a single cask bottled at 40%.

I know nothing of this distillery and it is not mentioned in Jim Murray's bible. It was given as a gift from a friend in Holland. Has anyone got any knowledge or further info on this distillery??

I have yet to fully sample and collect tasting notes although it does seem quite nice yet light and really oozes with the red wine influence. Will post full notes later.


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Postby lambda » Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:04 am

Their website is (only in dutch). They started distilling in 2002 and recently put their first whisky on the market. The whisky is bottled without chillfiltration and they are experimenting with sherry, cognac, wine, etc barrels. The name `frysk hynder' means friesian horse.

I had a taste of the whisky once at a dutch festival, but I can't say I liked it much..

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Postby pavv » Sun Feb 04, 2007 1:40 pm

Aiaiaiaai...the infamous Frysk Hinder.....

Started a few years ago as an experiment to create a Dutch Whisky and created some spirit. Barrel management has been a bit shaky and they put the spirit in whatever cask they could lay their hands on. Due to financial reasons they were forced to bottle their whisky as soon as it hit 3 years old, and I prefer they waited a few years longer.

Batch variations are enormous and the taste varies from pretty awful, hideous and barely drinkable to quite decent. ~So brace for impact ;)

Another firm, called Zuidam, has already also started to produce another Dutch whisky and because they already produce splendid other spirits like very old jenever, I expect their whisky to be superior to the Frysk stuff.

Thomas H.
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Postby Thomas H. » Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:31 pm

Hey pavv, how's things??

Yeah, Frysk Hynder is basicly, awfull. Bad use of casks is basicly their main fault. Instead of using one or two type of casks, they get their hands on whatever they can. There are huge variations between casks, with no real distillery character. Someone once commented that the new spirit shows some promise, and with a good casks and few more years of maturation, could make a nice single malt.

Millstone, the new Dutch single malt, shows a lot of promise, and is actually quite nice at only 5 years old. My only issue would be that it is bottled at 40%. I think it would do quite nice at 45-46%, but that's me.

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