Ian Macleod's 'As we get it'

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Ian Macleod's 'As we get it'

Postby BruceCrichton » Wed Jan 24, 2007 9:38 pm

The previous thread disappeared but I cracked my bottle open at the weekend.

The 8 year old, 60.5%abv, was smooth and sweet. It was light and crisp and needed only a slight addition of water. it was drinkable at well in excess of 50%abv.

It probably isn't a Glenfarclas, as that isn't smooth at a young age, but it could be a Macallan. I think it is bourbon cask or a dry sherry.

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Postby Leither » Thu Jan 25, 2007 12:58 pm

Cheers Bruce, the one I have is 56.9% abv and my back up is 60.5% so it may well be different malt. The Islay stuff I have a couple of also comes in at different strengths. They all have 8yo on the label.

I'm not sure what the Highland one is but I think it's great stuff, after trying in a few Leith pubs near me, and doesn't need too much water as you say.

When I was trying to source it a friend who works for Ian Macleod pointed me towards Oddbins but I had no joy there, however they (their Glasgow store on Sauchiehall St) suggested it was Macallan as apparently the old 'As we get it' brand (from a Glasgow bottler that IM bought the brand from a few years ago it seems) was always a 'younger cask strength Macallan'.

BTW I sourced it eventually at RMW but stocks vanish fast, particularly the Islay one, and also at getwhisky.com for £19.99 :D - a great buy so I bought a couple for back-ups!

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