Ardbeg 1974 Flying Turf Flight 2

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Ardbeg 1974 Flying Turf Flight 2

Postby corbuso » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:18 pm

Anyone has tried this whisky?

I only found independent tasting notes in Danish and wanted to know if one of you has tried it? How does it compare with the other official 1974s bottlings?


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Postby BigMac » Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:25 pm

Here are the official tasting notes on 'Flying Turf' from Master Distiller Bill Lumsden:

Colour: Deep amber.

Aroma: Initially the top notes are medicinal lozenges and menthol combined with the sweetness of mint humbugs, then aromas of intense lime fruitness and lemon sherbet prickles the nose. Soft ripe figs and also melon can be detected, along with a hint of sea spray and smoky treacle toffee in the background.

The addition of water releases beeswax and honeycomb cut through with more lime, now more lime cordial and also grapefruit halves dusted with icing sugar. Sherbet, citrus peel marmelade and gooseberries are then discovered along with blackcurrant bushes as the subtle background hints change to aromatic wood smoke.

Taste: Rich and fruity; all the citrus fruits found on the nose appear on the palate wrapped in gentle peat smoke; reminiscent of slightly charred toast spread with mixed breakfast marmalade and fruit dipped in dark bitter chocolate. Deep flavours of liquorice, glacé cherries and rich roasted coffee beans emerge late with islay notes of menthol and just a hint of tobacco.

Finish: Long and chewy as the background smoke lingers with predominant citrus flavours and hints of liquorice.

Tasting notes: Dr W B Lumsden - Master Distiller.



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