A heavy, oaky malty scotch, well aged.

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A heavy, oaky malty scotch, well aged.

Postby Evangelion2014 » Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:39 am

So my tax return is coming this month, and I'm trying to figure out a well aged (think around 18 years or more, possibly less if the flavor is intense enough) woody, intense whisky. I have a bunch of peat bombs with the Laph 18, QC, CS, as well as Ardbeg oogy and Corryvreckan, and the spicy, fruity glory of the Nadurra (eventually I'll get more bright speysiders to join it), but the only whiskys that really showcase oak are my Glenfiddich 18 and Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban. I love the deep nuttiness of the 18, and the minty, dry red wine and chocolate character of the Ruban. I like chocolate, coffee, nutty, and dry wine notes, as well as caramel, brine, toffee and saltiness, peat is a plus too, but many wine aged scotches don't have much maritime or peaty character. I'm looking for something far less sweet than the macallan 12, which I find cloying. Also, a scotch that masterfully balances peat and sherry/oak such as the oogy would be nice as well, but they don't seem to come at higher age ranges.

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