Glen Scotia 17 yo

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patrick dicaprio
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Glen Scotia 17 yo

Postby patrick dicaprio » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:05 pm

anyone have any thoughts on this? i just purchased a bottle and havent cracked it yet. i did some checking and couldnt find any reviews on it. thanks!


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Postby kallaskander » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:45 pm

Hi there,

looking for the GS 17 years I found this. It is praised as the best OB from the distillery at the end of the text.

"Glen Scotia
Comments: Perhaps the distillery is cursed. It is said that the ghost of a former owner who drowned himself in Campbeltown Loch now walks the malting floors.

Opening in 1832, Glen Scotia managed to stay afloat for 150 years before closing in the mid-1980s. It was reopened briefly at the end of that decade, but closed again in 1994. Since then it has been purchased by the Loch Lomond company and has been refitted and has begun producing again.

Distillery Bottlings:

Glen Scotia has been intermittently available in 12, 14, and 17-year-old distillery bottlings (43 vol., full gold to light amber). All are distinctive with a spicy, slightly briny nose with notes of juniper, ginger snaps, and peat smoke. The body has a rich, oily smooth character. Initially sweet, the palate becomes dry and malty with salty and nutty undertones. 86-89
The 17-year-old is the optimum expression and quite exquisite -- creamy smooth, well balanced, and a long, spicy, and slightly peppery finish.

Merchant Bottlings: A 19-year-old bottling imported by D&M (1977, 54 vol.), was exceptional. Spicy-fruity nose, sweet palate turning salty in the finish.

Also bottled as Signatory Vintage Campbeltown.

Information: Ownership: Loch Lomond Co
Telephone: 01586-552288
From the US: 011-44-1586-552288
Tours: By appointment only."


Not much, I hope it helps.


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