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New to Whisky Cocktails

Postby amalgam » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:13 pm

Hello there my friends. I stopped by this awesome bar in Delray Florida and the waiter recommended me a whisky cocktail that was smoked. The flavor was so intense that i decided to research on this very interesting cocktail. I have read and seen videos about the procedure and all of them vary in regards to the time that the liquor has to be exposed to the smoke (coming from a smoker gun) I have seen a guy who says that only a couple of shake would be enough, others put the smoke and the liquor in a decanter and play with it for a while so I wonder if you guys have any information or source where to get a real explanation and pros and cons of having to little or too muck smoking time. Also, I wonder if I can smoke several glasses (2 or 3) worth of cocktail to enjoy through the evening.

Thank you


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