Bladnoch 10YO Flora and Fauna

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Bladnoch 10YO Flora and Fauna

Postby bamber » Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:16 am

I've had some great new (to me) whiskies lately (mainly from friends), including some 21YO Old Malt Cask Port Ellen and a really good 25YO Old Malt Cask Caol Ila, but this is the first whisky in a while that I've had to write something down about.

As I'm sure most of us do, I've got a cupboard full of whisky and I always mix and match for contrast, but I *had* to have 6 drams of this stuff in a row. It just got better and better and more intensely flavoured as the evening went on.

To be honest I found it quite hard to pick out lots of flavours, for me it was more of a single theme expressed prefectly. A great essay rather than a great novel perhaps :wink: :roll: The Lowland Clynelish 14YO ?

I'm afraid my tasting notes were affected by JM and MJ (his book) as I read them a couple of days before getting the whisky.

Nose: Citrus and white fruits, lightly caramelised sugar, very fresh and inviting.
Taste: Perfect bitter sweet balance, with super intense malt and fruit build up, with very light gingery spice and ? some sherry ?
Finish: Intense and long, getting fairly dry at the end - demands another pour.

IMHO a perfect whisky - especially bearing in mind that I generally drink Islay and Bourbon and have never met a Lowlander I got on with before. I guess it's because this stuff is pretty intense.

MJ and JM both rate it very highly in their books but I find the review on this website very puzzling. Top 10 whisky for me without doubt :)

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