Glenlivet 30 years of age

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Glenlivet 30 years of age

Postby Idir » Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:29 pm


I'm a young graphic and volume designer from paris.
Of course if I'm here it's because I'm a lover of Whisky.

I created a special edition of the Glenlivet, a whisky of 30 years of age, here is the description :

The design of this special edition redesign the shapes of the original bottle by play up some lines. The bottle is smaller and larger, it incorporates the codes of the cognac with a special cap made in precious wood and metals.
The graphic design play on the letters roman XXX, which refers to the 30 years of age of the whisky, these elements are found on the outer packaging with extrusions on the wood, so the age of the bottle is immediately known as the letters XO for the cognac.

I want to know what do you think of it, because you are experts, or kind of ;)
Hope you like though

Here is a preview :


And the other images (too many to post here sorry) : ... ge/9342357

Best regards,

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Re: Glenlivet 30 years of age

Postby greitas » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:38 pm

Good job, bro :)

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