Crown Royal - A Rare Blend of Canadian Whiskey, Limited Ed?

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Crown Royal - A Rare Blend of Canadian Whiskey, Limited Ed?

Postby Xeracy » Tue May 28, 2013 6:14 am - 12 images...

My mother's uncle passed recently. We found this Seagram's bag and inside was a seemingly unopened bottle of some limited edition Crown Royal along with a numbered Certificate of Registration. The paper seals are solidly attached to the bottle and have not been broken despite the bottle only being 2/3 full. The plastic seal was brittle and was found perfectly split down each side in place around the neck, held only by the drawstring bag.

There's no date anywhere on the bottle or label. The bottom of the bottle has "MADE IN CANADA" faintly embossed on it. As the Certificate states, it is bottle # A 28769.

I cannot seem to find any information about this whiskey other than an e-bay auction for a solitary empty bottle priced at $250, which also has the purple cap. I haven't found any other bottles, even one's with certificates, that have this cap.

I dont know how 1/3 of the liquid is missing. If it was opened, then my great uncle went through meticulous lengths for some reason to re-seal it and place the plastic back around the neck. He was not a drinker, as far as I or my family knows, but we cant be sure.

Any information would be appreciated. I understand that Seagram's is a shell of it's former self and that the former Seagrams Museum gave it's archive to the University of Waterloo before it closed. I doubt the current Seagram's or Crown Royal companies would have records of these things, but I may ask them this week.

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