'Countdown to Christmas' with Whisky Magazine

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'Countdown to Christmas' with Whisky Magazine

Postby AmandaWhaymand » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:08 am

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we Countdown to Christmas with Rob’s Dram of the Day! From the 1st Dec until Christmas Day Rob will share his favourite wintertime drams.

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Re: 'Countdown to Christmas' with Whisky Magazine

Postby AmandaWhaymand » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:17 pm

Ok, so here it is - the full list of all the drams Rob chose for our Countdown To Christmas!

1. Monkey Shoulder - Fresh and vibrant, an evocation of summers past. One of the easiest drinking and mixing drams out there.

2. Nikka Whisky From The Barrel - sherry, citrus zest and cedar box complexity. Good things from a small package

3. Redbreast 12 CS - One of the most talked about Irish whiskeys for a reason. Massive, complex, delicious

4. Talisker 57 - A classic, intense peppery Talisker, like being caught on the hill as the weather comes in

5. Black Bush - A blend for the single malt lover; a high malt content gives wonderful sherry, cereal and honey

6. Balblair 1989 - One of the three original vintages from 2007 and a benchmark. Banana and pineapple run riot

7. Mackmyra 07: Hope - Released in 2011, the use of Cloudberry wine saturated casks lends a full fruitiness

8. Greenore 8 - A seriously easy drinking whiskey, young but punches above its weight with vanilla and butterscotch

9. Balcones Brimstone - Different and extremely flavourful. BBQ meats and roast corn, smoking indeed

10. Ardbeg 10 - The word standard does not apply. Intense yet delicate with plenty of smoke and malty sweetness

11. Auchentoshan Valinch - A very clean, crisp whisky with teasing citrus. A drop of water help release the true beauty

12. Johnnie Walker Black - The most well known of the Walker family. Rich and fruity with a delicate hint of smoke

13. Whyte and Mackay 13 - unlucky for some, well not with Richard Paterson doing the blending, elegant, weighty and majestic

14. Forty Creek John's Private Cask - A true Canadian spice bomb showing Mr Hall's skills at their best

15. Bowmore Darkest - That mix of earthy peat notes and sweet sherry loveliness make this a great winter whisky

16. Lagavulin 16 - Big, sweet and smoky. Reminiscent of smoked tea and a relaxing leather armchair. Delightful stuff

17. Old Pulteney 17 - Very much a whisky of its birthplace, the East Coast of Scotland in a glass, a gentle scent of sea air

18. Chivas Regal 18 - A blend with decent structure and body, vanilla, toffee and honey abound

19. Glenlivet 15 - The extra few years in French oak give this dram a wonderful cedarwood dryness

20. Glenmorangie Signet - A tasty departure from the norm, packed with layers of earthy, toffee and spices

21. Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix - a great sweet fruity nose with a lovely waxiness on the palate. Sweetness and oak add to the layers of flavour

22. Karuizawa Spirit of Asama - A great whisky to sit with and explore. Layers of flavour and spices explode

23. Pappy 15 - An aged Bourbon that doesn't give away its years. Caramel, nuttiness and a hit of oak

24. Glenrothes 25 - Rothes at its aged, breathtaking best. Fresh gingerbread and spices, perfect for winter

25. Yamazaki 25 - won the World Whiskies Awards 2012. Stunning sherry bomb with lovely sweet tones

Many thanks to those who counted down with us. We hope you had a great Christmas and are getting ready for your New Year celebrations!

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