Cameron Brig 25 yr old plus miniatures

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Cameron Brig 25 yr old plus miniatures

Postby CMcPhie » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:58 pm

Hello everyone

I have no expertise in whisky atall and I wondered if anyone could help me to value the following items. I have a bottle of Cameron Brig 25 year old (for 175 year celebration) including an accompanying letter from the Manager at that time. I also have some miniatures as follows:
2 x 1980's miniatures of Cameron Brig
2 x miniatures of Cameron Brig with HAIG on the lid
another 2 x Cameron brig miniatures 1990's I think

I used to be an employee of Cameronbridge Distillery a long time ago. Starting when it was called Scottish Grain Disitllers Ltd, then United Malt & Grain Disitllers, United Distillers and now it is known as Diageo. My late husband also worked there over 8 years ago.

Thank You

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