Help with vintage whiskey

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Help with vintage whiskey

Postby CTShooter15 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:11 pm

My grandmother has given me a few bottles of vintage whiskey that I know nothing about. I have no idea if these have any value or not. I would greatly appreciate any help on these.

I have 5 items. All are unopened and in their original boxes. all bottles and boxes are in great shape.

I have an old bottle of Bol's Ballerina Gold Creme De Menthe. Unbroken seal and ballerina still works. Bottle is full and in original box. Only the seal on the box was broken.

I have an bottle of Desmond & Duff Delux Scotch. Aged 12 years. Gold Medal Award London 1976. bottle is unopened, great shape and in original box.

I have a metal tin with a bottle of Dewers White label. tin and insert in fantastic shape. bottle unopened and label is in excellent shape.

I have a bottle of Canadian Masterpiece whiskey dated 1964. bottle is in original box with insert. Funny part about this is that the bottle has whiskey missing but labels on the cap seem untouched not like they were carefully removed and stuck back on. Seems like they were never broken.

Last thing is a tin from Jack daniels with two unopened nippers inside.
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