Blending Single Malts

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Blending Single Malts

Postby islayjunkie » Sat Oct 09, 2004 4:42 am

Has anyone tried blending single malts to achieve a new experience? Due to the scarcity of independent bottlings I decided to experiment.

On a whim I added a little water to Lagavulin 12yo to see how it would change... I wish I hadn't so I threw it into the remaining small dram of Ardbeg 10... it was a 50/50 mix and a very nice dram... they're beautiful together! Very complimentary drams without water :D

The taste of coffee, chocolate and tobacco notes of Ardbeg shine through the heavy liquorice of Lagavulin 12. Both have a good amount of peat, smoke and oak wood which build on each other. The finish is a very pleasant lingering salty, liquorice, dry sweetness (Ardbeg)... dry and sweet don't usually come as a package 8)

Tried a 50/50 of Lagavulin 12yo and Laphroaig 10yo CS... Yuck! A bit rough. Laphroaig 10yo CS and Ardbeg 10yo is interesting, even a bit confusing... I like it but will need more time to analyze. The Laphroaig drowns out the Ardbeg so maybe a 1:3 ratio of Laphroaig to Ardbeg is in order.

Wondering how the 1990 Caol Ila and Ardbeg will stack up together... one thing is for sure, Ardbeg is my favorite for depth of character.

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Postby lexkraai » Sat Oct 09, 2004 9:07 am

Have a look here for more home-vatting adventures:

Cheers, Lex

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Postby pibroch » Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:51 am

I tried the laphraoig CS w/ Ardbeg 10yo the other night as I find the latest laphroaig 10 lacking in complexity compared with the previous batch which is heavenly. Like you i wasn't so sure but concluded the ardbeg 10 on its own was a far better experience than the mixture. I find the ardbeg is nowhere near as complex as it was when first released - not as delicate and lacking the gentle fruity almost lowland characteristics it once had.However I still adore it as it has the most intense phenol flavour I've yet experienced in a whisky - highly reminiscent of the "phenol" antiseptic used in latrines etc. The latest laphroaig CS 10 has become more like the laphroaig 15 in taste (which fortunately i also adore) and to me it is a sensational dram and worth buying even if a bit of a letdown.

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