Glenbridge single malt whisky - Aldi - which Disitillery?

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Glenbridge single malt whisky - Aldi - which Disitillery?

Postby ikendal » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:05 pm

Okay I admit it I am a sad man...

I queued up at aldi from 8.30 (first one there) waited patiently as a queue grew behind me.
door slowly slid opened and we were off... - hand bags at dawn.

Arghhh whisky not on the shelf. The hunt was on...

A voice form the front (not where I was) delared they had found it... the Manager was cradlling the collection of 4!

A brief reminder that the sad man who was at the doors at 8.30 was first and all was well.

Almost was well - a brief discussion of whether I was allowed 2 bottles or whether it should be one per customer started. This was then followed by the notion of a lottery for the bottles - thank goodness that was squased by Number 2 in the queue. (after all it was for drinking not for ebay)
Happy to accept 1 bottle per customer I paid and left with my life and bottle entact.

What a fuss. I hope it was worth it.

Now who can tell me what disillery Glenbridge is from. I have search the web and found nothing - I recall reading a while back it was Glenfarclas but Have not managed to source the evidence.

Any ideas.

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