Wash your hands first

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Wash your hands first

Postby WhiskyBill » Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:06 am

Been enjoying more tastings lately and don't believe this issue as been brought up before and it's something I have encountered that has a quick and easy fix.
Wash your hands before tasting! :thumbsup:

This ensures a tasting glass that doesn't get dirtied up with fingerprints on the outside. With a clean glass that stays relatively clean during tastings you can enjoy more the legs and color of a whisky. Had a tasting at the shop the other day and my tasting glass looked like it was ready to be sent off to the crime lab with 100's of pristine finger prints.
ps - don't use a heavy perfume or floral smelling soap either. If this is the wife put all around the house try baking soda and warm water.

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Re: Wash your hands first

Postby Lucas » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:28 pm

I'm more concerned with the smell than the aesthetics in this case. My wife recently bought one of those Palmolive 'odour neutralising' liquid soaps and put it in the kitchen. The problem is, it kills odours with its own mega strong reek! Tried to do a vertical on Fettercairns a few nights ago, right after washing up, and couldn't get past the bloody thing. Had to use chlorine I have for sanitising brewing kit and then lemon juice and finally another soap. What a mission.

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