2008 George T. Stagg Bourbon

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2008 George T. Stagg Bourbon

Postby ResIpsa539 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:25 pm

I have a case (3) of the Fall 2008 release of the George T. Stagg bourbon that I'm looking to move, to get some cash-in-hand.

These are going for about $115-$150 on eBay, but I'd rather give them to someone on here. Also, not looking for the $115-$150 range. Shoot me a PM if interested, and we can discuss further.

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Re: 2008 George T. Stagg Bourbon

Postby oldrip57 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:22 am

A local store here still has a bottle on the shelf at c. $75 (I bought the other two recently). I suspect it's available yet here and there elsewhere at retail.
Sigh! I remember paying under $40 for the 2003 edition, which wasn't that long ago. It was even rarer then -- about 3,000 bottles annually. Now, with its popularity (and price) soaring, Buffalo Trace produces something more like 10,000 bottlers per annum.
Since I have an '08 open, and one each of the last two issues sealed on the shelf, I probably won't bother buying this fall's release. Stagg is Stagg is Stagg. Although I do like some issues better than others, it's all BIG bourbon, full of flavor and power -- even diluted to a drinkable proof. There's really no need to chase particular vintages unless you're a collector.

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