Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

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Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby Megawatt » Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:04 pm

Anyone else tried this? I picked up a bottle around Christmas because I've been so impressed with the now-discontinued 10 year old expression. This Distillers Edition is distilled in 1992, bottled in 2007 at 43% alc./vol., and finished in Amontillado sherry casks.

A unique and lovely whisky. The nose is at once sweet and herbal. It is often described as "biscuity" and this comes across in the nose with shortcake aromas. Very enticing.

It is smooth and complex on the palate, surprisingly full for a Lowland malt. Rich, sweet malt with fruity tones that are less pronounced than on other sherried malts. It's fresh and vibrant with herbal and grassy flavours. A touch of bitterness on the finish balances the sweetness nicely. Very pleasant whisky.

Curiously, I've always enjoyed Glenkinchie the most when drinking out of an old-fashioned glass. Tulip-shaped tasting glasses and the Glencairn malt whisky glass don't seem to deliver the full range of flavour for some reason.

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Re: Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby Red_Arremer » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:22 am

:D I haven't gotten around to Glenkinchie yet.

I noticed that you posted an enthusiastic comment about it in another thread, to which no one responded. Kind of drag, that, but I could have seen it coming. Glenkinchie is the least esteemed of the regularly talked about lowland malts. The following John Hansell review sheds a little light on this state of affairs:

83 Glenkinchie, 12 years old, 43%, $50
Glenkinchie goes from 10 to 12 years old. I think the two years have done it good. It's deeper, more complex, with better flavor development. Notes of fresh cut grass, vanilla, bright lemon, and cinnamon, with a soft malt underbelly. So many people (myself included) would rather have seen Rosebank as the Lowland representative of the Classic Malts than Glenkinchie. But this is a step towards bridging the gap.
(1st Quarter 2008 Issue-Vol. 17#1)

Man, look at his lack of enthusiasm. And look at that comment about Rosebank. Rosebank, which was one of the most beloved lowland distilleries got shut down a while ago and for a longtime after there were rumors that, for one reason or another, it would reopen. It never did, but if it had had anything to do with the Classic Malts it would definitely be producing today. But it doesn't and it's gone, and Glenkinchie, which no one ever cared much about is the Classic Malts Lowland and it is here to stay.

Auchentoshan gets a similar rap for similar reasons. "Why," many wonder, "is this lame whisky that I never liked all over the shelves, while Rosebank and St. Magdelene are only to be found in increasingly rare independent bottlings?"

So that's my guess at why people dismiss Glenkinchie. Personally, I really like Auchentoshan, though my favourite lowland is a 15 year old Rosebank from Gordon and Macphail. Have you tried the 12 year old Glenkinchie? If so, do you prefer it or the 10? I know you really like the DE, but I'm not that into sherry.

Great tasting notes by the way.

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Re: Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby The Third Dram » Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:17 am

My taste buds never did get along well with the standard 10-year old Glenkinchie. It always struck me as a Scotch aimed squarely at drinkers who also liked dry beers with no aftertaste.

The Distillers Edition... Another story altogether. Slippery-crisp malt with so much more style and character.

Given your discerning comments, I'll have to give it a go in a tumbler next time! Thanks for the tip.

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Re: Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby Mr Fjeld » Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:44 pm

The only Glenkinchie I've tried was very very good and in no way shy or apologetic about itself. Glenkinchie 20 is matured for ten years in bourbon barrels and then another ten in Cognac casks. And it's wonderful!
Image ... 0000035209

I may not have answered the original question though......... :oops:

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Re: Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby Megawatt » Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:11 pm

Wow, I'd love to try that 20-year-old.

Auchentoshan is the only other Lowland I have tried, and it more closely resembles and Irish whiskey from what I recall. It really is quite different from Glenkinchie. It's been said that Glenkinchie is not really representative of the Lowland style to beign with, which is confusing because I would expect it's full flavour to garner respect, not dismissal. Oh well.

I haven't tried the 12 yet, though I intend to.

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Re: Glenkinchie 1992 Distillers Edition

Postby kyorke1 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:17 pm

Maybe it's something about triple distillation that makes Auchentoshan so similar to Irish whisky? I find Glenkinchie 10 ok, aroma a bit like Famous Grouse unfortunately and lacks character. The DE and the 20 yo sound interesting though, I may be tempted to try those in the future thanks!

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