Auld Reekie 10 yr Anyone??

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Auld Reekie 10 yr Anyone??

Postby talisker10 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:27 am

I got no replies to this in my SMS in Antarctica I will try it again here. Michael at Whiskygalore recommended Auld Reekie..I have had about 1/2 the bottle in the past 10 days down here and it is just fantastic Islay whisky. I assume since they call it Islay malt that it is a vatted whisky--not a blend--but a vatting of multiple Islay whiskies. It is fantastic stuff. I tasted it last night alongside Laphroaig CS and the Auld Reekie won. A smooth, creamy, nose that is a bit like Talisker, then loads of peat, then a dry, citrusy finish. I have never had Caol Ila, I was wondering if that could be than main malt in this whisky? BTW, it is bottled at 46% ABV and is non-colored and non chill filtered.

Has anyone else had it? Has the 24 hours of daylight made me batty or is this stuff really that good?

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