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Hiram Walker

Postby Jeweltomlaz1 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:59 pm

Hello,I am looking for some assistance..I inherited a bottle of Whisky and I know nothing about Whisky..A friend who used to collect has informed me to go on this site for advice...The bottle I have is Canadian Club,produced by Hiram Walker...Aforementioned friend said it was the oldest bottle he had seen....It has a date label around the neck halfway down which says 1893...It says at the top of the label on the front of the bottle "These samples should not be offered for sale as they are supplied to dealers for free distribution"....The text is printed in green.He told me the fact it has this message on the label and the date of the bottle means it is very very rare...Personally I would like to sell it to someone who knows what they have got...Any advice would be appreciated.

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