Laphroaig personalises bottles of 10 Years Old

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Laphroaig personalises bottles of 10 Years Old

Postby samcoyne » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:23 am

Laphroaig is offering consumers the chance to personalise their bottle of 10 Years Old with a bespoke label printing tool.

The specially designed app personalises bottles with descriptions of its friends and foes who never fail to have a strong opinion about the pungent and polarising range of flavours captured in every bottle of Laphroaig.

Capitalising on the growing demand for personalisation, whisky fans can now use this tool to create a unique Laphroaig keepsake or gift for friends and family at selected trade and consumer events worldwide.

The label printing tool is the latest initiative inspired by the brand’s #OpinionsWelcome campaign, embracing the divisive tasting profile of Laphroaig and champions the peculiar and individual way the single malt whisky is described by those who love it...or not.

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