London 2008 - Karuizawa 1992 Special Bottling

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London 2008 - Karuizawa 1992 Special Bottling

Postby Matt2 » Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:07 pm

Karuizawa 1992 15 Years Old
Distilled 1992 - Bottled 2007
60.6% ABV

Limited edition bottling of 308 bottles

The Karuizawa distillery was established in 1955 in the foothills of Mt. Asama, an active volcano. The distillery is the highest in Japan at 850m above sea level. Traditional, small-scale, high-quality production is the aim, with wooden washbacks, small stills and sherry casks from Spain contributing to the process.

Karuizawa 1992 15 Years Old

1992 15 Years Old
Lightly smoky with touches of dried soft fruits, tea leaf, toasted wood, calf leather. Rich, but very clean. Water brings out a touch of varnish, freshly lit cigar, also a candied peel aroma.
Medium bodied, mixing sweetness and smokiness from the start. Chewy with a fragrant yet earthy peatiness. Light dilution brings out a note of sweet persimmon, incense and dried flower. The smoke recedes.
Baked clay, spice, then the return of cigar smoke. A wonderful head-clearing menthol quality.
Tasting note not by the poster..
Glowing amber

15 Years Old

Single Malt
If you like
Whisky Live London 2008 Special Bottling

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