Dates for Whisky Live New York 2008

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Dates for Whisky Live New York 2008

Postby Direwolf » Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:41 pm


Would anyone know, approximately, when Whisky Live New York 2008 is going to take place. In past years, it has happened during the first week of April. Is it safe to asssume that this would be the case for 2008?

While I suspect that no one here is clairvoyant, does anyone have any idea?


Cheers, Direwolf

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Re: Dates for Whisky Live New York 2008

Postby MrAwesome » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:38 pm

HI Direwolf, It's always during Tartan Week, try, for more info & all the other events going on. While my wife & I have gone to WL events in the past, after just attending Whisky Fest NY, there is no comparison. WhiskyLive is a fun time, and could be better. Whisky Fest had more exhibitors with real reps from the distilleries, not as many 'eye candy' pour girls than really couldn't discuss the products too well. Also, there are no vouchers to constantly deal with and have to dig deeper into your wallet just to get a taste. This was annoying to most people we spoke with during the event. That said, you can still have a decent time and sample some fine whiskies. Plus, if you are visiting New York, there will be plenty of other places to visit during the week.

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