Whisky Live Hong Kong 2016 - 8th October

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Whisky Live Hong Kong 2016 - 8th October

Postby Administrator » Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:18 pm

The FIRST Whisky Live show in Hong Kong, which take place across the globe, offering the unique opportunity to sample the greatest whiskies in the world. Showcasing the finest whiskies of the world to consumers and global

trade representatives and providing a festive, friendly and informal environment. Attendees will get an opportunity to meet producers and distillers, marketers and brand ambassadors, and also learn to enhance their knowledge of whisky and ask hidden questions. The show will also have a number of workshops, hosted by industry experts & whisky ambassadors providing a unique insight into the world of whisky, from the world's most collectible whiskies to an exploration of age.


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