Whisky Live Cape Town 2010

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Whisky Live Cape Town 2010

Postby robbi@laurenson.com » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:49 am

Iattended Whisky Live in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday evening. It was absolutely packed, a testament to how popular whisky is in SA.

Had an entertaining master class with the folks from Benriach, and though Speyside is not entirely my cup of tea, the session was informative and well run. We tasted 6 Benriach of varying finishes, 5 of which were in the classic Speyside mould and the last was a 35ppm peated dram due for release in the next couple of weeks. Delicious, with a solid peat backbone and a pronounced yet delicate medicinal note on top of the Spey orchard fruits and spice.

The rest of the show was well run, and not a single ticket taken for anything I sampled. SA doesn't have the range available in the UK, but the core range available here is decent.

All in all a great evening of dramming on the tip of Africa.

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Re: Whisky Live Cape Town 2010

Postby lbacha » Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:08 am

I was at Whisky live JoBurg a few years back and it was packed as well great showing and a really good show, I could imagine that Cape Town was great time as well. The funny thing is all the people you run into at these events I had a couple drams with Jim Murray at his book booth, and it wasn't the first time I've put a few back with him at a show. Cape Town also has one of the better scotch bars I've been to in the victoria Hotel.


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