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Live NY bottling

Postby Sally Toms » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:41 am

A unique bottling of Highland Park whisky celebrating Whisky Live New York is now on sale exclusively at Park Avenue Liquor Shop.

Whisky Magazine and Park Avenue Liquor Shop have teamed up with Highland Park to select cask 433 from the distillery’s reserve collection.

Bottled at 57.9%, the whisky has a trademark honey sweetness on the nose, then hints of beeswax and polished wood, sherried wine and faded spicy incense smoke.

The palate is full and chewy with toffee and honey up front, then dark chocolate orange and finally smoke, nuts and wood. It is rounded off by a long and elegant finish.

There are only 470 bottles of this unique whisky available, each priced at $200 from Park Avenue.

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