Whisky-filled chandeliers from Angels' Share Glass

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Whisky-filled chandeliers from Angels' Share Glass

Postby rebeccaparagraph » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:57 pm

Stirling-based Angels’ Share Glass has created the unique Whisky Drops Chandelier as part of their ambitious £25K Crowdfunding campaign for a new glassmaking studio.
Anyone who contributes £500 to the family firm’s appeal will receive one of the stunning chandeliers in return.

The Chandelier was designed by the firm’s talented glassmaker Bee Hardy, who has a background in creating lighting, and handmade by Bee and the firm’s co-director Karen Somerville. Karen says: “We’ve always had great feedback about our signature product - glass angels filled with whisky – and we thought wouldn’t it be amazing to have a chandelier featuring whisky in the same way. Bee and I chatted through some ideas before she came up with her fantastic design featuring a copper fixture with long glass drops coming down which are either coloured or filled with whisky.

“We’ve only created four and they are all handmade and hand-blown so no two are exactly the same. If they prove popular we could look into designing more.”

The Whisky Drops Chandelier is the latest perk released by Angels’ Share Glass as part of the Crowdfunding bid to create a state-of-the-art glassblowing studio. The family firm, which specialises in gifts for whisky lovers, wants to increase production and train up a new generation of glassmakers to continue its legacy. Co-founder Tom Young has been making glass by hand using traditional methods for nearly 60 years and currently works out of a home workshop where he trains an apprentice. But the firm’s success means that unit is now too small to keep up with demand and plans have been drawn up for a fully-equipped studio at the company’s premises.

The New Studio campaign is being run through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and can be found at http://igg.me/at/angelsstudio

The Chandelier can be reserved in return for a contribution of £500 plus shipping.

More information about the bid plus a video showing Tom and Bee at work in their current studio can be found on the firm’s website - http://www.angelsshareglass.com
Whisky drops chandelier

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