Time makes the difference

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Time makes the difference

Postby Sally Toms » Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:27 pm

The Glenrothes has released a second 1985 Vintage, after the runaway success of a 1985 release some eight years ago. The first was released in 1997 and sold out within a year.

Another eight years in the cask has dramatically altered this whisky. It is said to have aromas of dried fruits, vanilla and chocolate, which continue on the palate. The finish is long with an emphasis on coffee and cocoa.
The 1985 Vintage is available from specialist whisky retailers priced at £80.

Also released is the Select Reserve, an on-going expression to overcome shortages of the Vintage releases.

Vatting casks of different years creates the consistency that allows the whisky to be available continually, rather than as a one-off, limited quantity bottling.

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