Firkin first - gin aged in ex-whisky cask

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Firkin first - gin aged in ex-whisky cask

Postby rebeccaparagraph » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:10 am

Independent bottler Gleann Mor Spirits Company is launching a special edition of its Firkin Gin, which has been aged in an ex-Lagavulin cask.

This is the first consumer bottling of a gin that has been aged in a cask which previously held a peated whisky.

Speaking on the release, Gleann Mor Spirits Company founder Derek Mair said: “Firkin Gin initially came about due to curiosity, by us asking: what would happen if you aged a gin in an ex-whisky cask? In this special edition, we've pushed the boundaries one step further to see what influence that classic, Islay peat smoke will have on our gin.”

It has led to a unique result that walks the line between a spicy, rich juniper-heavy gin, and American oak and peat influenced whisky.

Firkin Gin initially launched in April 2015 in Edinburgh. Made in Scotland to the company's specific recipe featuring just four botanicals – juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and orris root – Firkin Gin is distilled four times, before a further maturation of up to three months in oak casks which previously held whisky. Each batch differs depending on what whisky cask it was aged in and consists of no more than 250 hand-numbered and hand-labelled bottles. The name comes from the fact Batch 1 was aged in an ex-Heaven Hill Firkin cask.

“We are extremely excited about this latest release for Firkin Gin. Never before has a company released a gin that's picked up the peaty remnants from an ex-whisky cask and we have no doubt its flavour profile will attract both gin and whisky lovers,” added Mair.

The special edition Firkin Gin is bottled at 46% and will cost £45-£49 at specialist spirits merchants.

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