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Battle of the Blends

Postby rebeccaparagraph » Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:59 am

The challenge is on. Dave Broom and Neil Ridley are to take on creating the finest blend the world has ever tasted because as we all know, breathtaking blends make finer whisky.

Neil Ridley says
"This Battle Royale, or, if you like the 'Thriller in Manzanilla', is going to be epic. No doubt, my colleague Mr Broom will be a tough and wily opponent, but as with any competition, I'll be seeking out his weak points and gearing up confidently for a decisive KO. Bring it on sir..."

Dave Broom says
"Aye Ridley, whatever. Bring it on."

Whisky Magazine is proud to announce ‘The Battle of the Blends’, a test of skill, ingenuity and the sternest of palates.
•Announced in Whisky Magazine, Dave Broom, our Editor at large and Neil Ridley, our London contributing editor will each embark on a titanic task to produce a blended whisky better than the other.
• In each of the forthcoming 2015 Whisky Magazine issues, both contenders will unveil their plans for the blends.
• Both are starting with identical 20 litre first fill American oak casks, which have been toasted and previously filled with a high strength neutral spirit.
•Beginning with the same foundations: Clynelish 14 Years Old – this classic Highland distillery a perennial favourite of the blender, due to its well-rounded maltiness and balance.
• The art of constructing a great blended whisky is a challenge that has confounded many who have tried before. It could be compared to a house of cards; laying a weak foundation whisky will ensure that one’s blend will collapse under the weight of additional flavour placed upon it.
• To throw in another twist, as well as using whiskies from all the classic regions of Scotland both contenders can throw in a totally wildcard whisky. Literally anything from anywhere in the world.
• The final blends will be ready in September 2015 and will be sent out for tasting for the readers of Whisky Magazine and others within the trade to establish who wins the Battle of the Blends.

* The winner will be announced in Whisky Magazine publishing 4 December 2015.

Gentlemen, we want a clean fight. No below the belt stuff, and absolutely no cheating!

For more information, contact Rebecca Sterritt on +44 1603 633808 or by email, Follow Whisky Magazine on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest developments.

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