Tribute to English Whisky Company founder, James Nelstrop

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Tribute to English Whisky Company founder, James Nelstrop

Postby rebeccaparagraph » Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:14 pm

All of us here at Whisky Magazine were deeply saddened to hear that Mr James Nelstrop, the founder and chairman of the English Whisky Company had recently died. With us being based in Norwich, Norfolk, this is our nearest distillery and as such, we have an empathy with all those who work there.

The English Whisky Company, set up in 2006 and based at St. George’s Distillery near Thetford, Norfolk, was England’s first registered whisky distillery for over a century. The distillery opened its doors to the public in August 2007 and now exports its products all around the world.

In issue 122 of Whisky Magazine, the English Whisky Company, Chapter 13 won a Recommended Award in our Tastings feature alongside some big names in the industry. Of all Mr Nelstrop’s achievements, both in the world of agriculture and the world of whisky, he will undoubtedly be remembered for bringing English Whisky back to life. His legacy will surely live on through his son Andrew, managing director of the English Whisky Company, and we are sure we will all continue to enjoy this very special dram for years to come.
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