Swedish whisky ready to bottle

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Swedish whisky ready to bottle

Postby Sally Toms » Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:40 pm

Mackmyra, Sweden’s first malt whisky producer, is getting its feet wet in the global market.

The company is hoping its concept of personal casks and local ingredients will hook in more customers. Just three years ago, Mackmyra started to sell shares in 30–litre casks, and a few days before Christmas the first barrel will be bottled.

The Mackmyra reserve has sparked a great deal of interest, and anyone who bought shares in a cask will be able to follow its maturation process via the company’s website.

Customers are given certain basic ingredients and can create their own aged whisky, choosing either an elegant or smoky recipe, as well as a Swedish oak, bourbon or traditional sherry cask.

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