Independent Bottlers Challenge 2013

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Independent Bottlers Challenge 2013

Postby Administrator » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:24 pm

We reveal this year’s winners of our prestigious competition

The independent bottling sector provides consumers with an interesting and precise view into their favourite distilleries; the releases can serve to fill in the gaps left by official bottlings. Given the very nature of the bottlings, short runs, limited quantities and sometimes unusual years, these are the effemora of the whisky world; in a glass today and gone tomorrow. That’s what makes them so desirable to the drinking public, the chance to drink a little bit of history from a distillery you respect and enjoy.

There has been much talk of the independents feeling the squeeze from distillery owners in terms of obtaining stock, but, as this challenge shows, the sector is going strong and still coming up with some wonderful expressions.

2013 Winners

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