Whisky watchdogs battle fakes

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Whisky watchdogs battle fakes

Postby Sally Toms » Wed Mar 09, 2005 4:07 pm

A leading whisky enthusiasts’ society has declared war on forgers by launching a watchdog service to monitor sales of rare bottles on the renowned buying and selling site ebay.

Malt Maniacs, made up of whisky enthusiasts from around the world, has launched a service to identify and investigate suspicious offerings on the ebay website.

The group has so far identified a steady stream of fake bottles covering distilleries including Hazelburn, Arran and Laphroaig. They are putting the name of the seller on their website as well as the results of their investigation.

Most questioned so far are either classed as ‘suspicious’ or have been confirmed as fakes.

The bottles have been put on ebay by sellers from Britain, Italy, Holland, Germany and Taiwan.

The Malt Maniacs site can be found at:

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