Support growing for anti tax stamp campaign

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Support growing for anti tax stamp campaign

Postby Sally Toms » Thu Nov 25, 2004 1:09 pm

British Conservative Party leader Michael Howard has vowed to fight against the introduction of strip stamps on whisky bottles. He made his pledge when he visited Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire.

And his stance is likely be well supported. Distillers fear that the new measures will raise costs and restrict the ability of smaller producers to introduce smaller and niche bottlings.

Meanwhile Tullibardine, under the name 1488, has opened its doors. The new complex includes shopping, a working distillery and a restaurant.

The new centre, conveniently situated on the A9 in Perthshire will offer distillery tours conducted by workers there, and connoisseur tours with distillery manager John Black. The name refers to the year James IV was crowned and purchased beer from the brewery that used to be on the Tullibardine site.

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