Irish Whiskey Society Single Pot Still Cask Launch

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Irish Whiskey Society Single Pot Still Cask Launch

Postby AmandaWhaymand » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:16 am

The Irish Whiskey Society is the country's foremost organisation dedicated to Ireland’s indigenous spirit, Irish Whiskey, the drink Ireland invented and gave to the world. Since the Society’s first informal gathering in a Dublin pub on a cold January evening in 2009, it has expanded rapidly and its members are now often consulted by both distillers and media for their expert knowledge in all things whiskey related.

Since those early days, we've toured distilleries, met distillers, sailed casks down canals, published a book, matched whiskey with chocolate, cheese and beer, and held nearly 50 monthly tastings in Dublin. We've even expanded into America. Above all, the Society is proud to fulfil a much-needed role in promoting the mature and sensible enjoyment of Ireland's foremost heritage product.

This month marks a red-letter day in the development of the Irish Whiskey Society, our first ever exclusive society whiskey which has been chosen by, and bottled for, our members with the guidance of Irish Distillers Ltd (IDL).

The idea originated during a visit the society made to Irish Distillers' bottling plant in Dublin, which was followed by a whiskey tasting at the historic Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield. Our good friends at IDL kindly offered to bottle a cask of their whiskey for the society which would epitomise what the society has come to represent – the pursuit of quality, enjoyment and knowledge among friends.

This unique whiskey marks a new era of collaboration between the society and Irish Distillers Ltd, who collaborated previously on a project to uncover the history of Irish Pot Still whiskey. Leo Phelan, President of the Irish Whiskey Society commented, “It was a thrilling project in which members of the Society had the opportunity to work alongside Irish Distillers Ltd. in the creation of the labels, packaging and whiskey for this new release. Even the tasting notes which appear on the bottle were written by our members.”

Barry Crockett, Master Distillery at Irish Distillers Ltd. said “The enthusiasm the members of the Irish Whiskey Society show for Irish Whiskey is most impressive. We have been delighted with the opportunity to supply the Irish Whiskey Society with a cask of our whiskey and to work alongside the members to bring this new release to completion.”

The bottling comprises of the entire contents of one ex-bourbon barrel, which was filled with Midleton Distillery’s Single Pot Still whiskey and cask 1038 was placed in Midleton warehouse No. M09 on the 13th of January, 1995. Following more than 17 years of maturation, the whiskey was removed from the warehouse and bottled on the 17th of October, 2012. It has been bottled at cask strength 55.2% ABV.

“The Irish Whiskey Society is proud to have chosen an Irish Single Pot Still whiskey for its first ever bottling, and we are sure it will appeal to connoisseurs of fine aged spirits and collectors alike. The society would like to thank Irish Distillers Ltd. for their help in bringing this dream to fulfilment. Sláinte!” Leo Phelan, President, Irish Whiskey Society

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