U.S. roots recognised

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U.S. roots recognised

Postby Sally Toms » Wed Oct 20, 2004 11:13 am

The American Distilled Spirits Council (DSC) recently announced the creation of a new distilling museum at George Washington's Mount Vernon distillery, which will become the gateway to the new American Whiskey Trail.

"George Washington was the most successful distiller of his time,” said DSC president Peter Cressy.

“Through this interactive museum, we hope to educate millions of tourists about our founding father's successful distilling operation and to preserve the rich heritage of distilling in America."

The whiskey trail will wind across five states, taking in America's famous distilleries – Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, as well as many museums and historical sites that showcase whiskey and distilling through the ages.

Covering the extensive period from the colonial era to the whiskey rebellion, from prohibition and into modern times, the aim of the American Whiskey Trail is to demonstrate how whiskey has played a controversial but always fascinating role in American history.

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