A green response

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A green response

Postby Rob Allanson » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:37 pm

Dear Sirs
Ref 'Working for the Future' Issue 102
In your article on the green issues involved in whisky production you identified the requirement for an increased number of whisky maturation warehouses as potentially a negative issue. At Broxburn Properties we specialise in the design and build of whisky maturation warehouses at locations across Scotland and perhaps have a better perspective than most on this subject.
We are one of the countries most experienced providers of maturation space and have provided solutions for some of the major whisky manufacturers.
As you stated demand for Scotch Whisky has never been higher with sales on the increase across the world. This is putting pressure on many areas in the production process. One of the most pressing issues is storage space to enable the whisky to mature in the barrel.
In your article you question both the attractiveness and environmental impact of these facilities. I hope that we can put your mind at rest. New maturation sites fall into two categories, custom designed new build sites, energy efficient and designed to fit their environment and brown field refurbishments where existing buildings are given a second life as storage centres. In fact we have recently refurbished what was a disused biscuit factory to the high standards required by SEPA and HSE for whisky maturation storage
Whichever route is chosen a suitable location is crucial. Normally the maturation facility will be located by either the distillery or bottling plan to minimize the impact on 'Whisky Miles'.
Yours truly,
Ross Morrison
Broxburn Properties Ltd.

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