Evan Williams 2001 edition

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Evan Williams 2001 edition

Postby Rob Allanson » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. has announced the release of the 2001 edition of its highly acclaimed Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the 16th annual release of the series.

"Even though the mashbill-the grain recipe-is the same from year to year, we try to achieve a particular flavor profile with each vintage," noted Heaven Hill Master Distiller Parker Beam, who along with his son Craig produces and selects each vintage from among Heaven Hill's 900,000 barrels of aging Bourbon. "And judging from the critical acclaim it's received, it seems like we've been pretty successful with the vintage-dated concept behind Evan Williams Single Barrel."

Heaven Hill, the nation's largest remaining family-owned and operated, independent spirits producer and the world's second-largest holder of aging Bourbon, offered a sneak peak of the latest vintage in the landmark series for 500 members of its Bardstown Whiskey Society in an elegant setting at Louisville's famed Derby Museum at Churchill Downs back in November.

As with the previous 15 vintages, which are now highly sought after collector's items, each bottle of the 2001 edition of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon is marked with the exact date that it was placed in oak and bottled, in addition to the exact serial number of the single barrel from which it was drawn.

The 86.6 proof Bourbon is matured in natural open-rick warehouses under the careful supervision of Heaven Hill's father and son Master Distillers, who monitor the progress of each year's vintage to ensure it maintains its intended flavor profile and superb quality. This new edition features the traditional corn, malted barley and rye mashbill, and stringent selection of barrels from the top three floors of the rickhouse, that are the hallmarks of all of Parker and Craig Beam's Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbons. The 2001 edition will be available nationally beginning in January 2011 at an average retail price of $25.99 for a 750 ml bottle, which is why it has also been named a "Best Buy" award winner by Malt Advocate and Wine Enthusiast magazines, among others.

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