Dalmore investment

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Dalmore investment

Postby Rob Allanson » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:11 am

The Dalmore distillery in the North of Scotland has announced a £1 million investment to create one of the best whisky related attractions in the country.

Despite trading during one of the toughest global recessions ever known, the luxury brand has gone from strength to strength recently and is now favoured by wealthy connoisseurs, collectors and investors.

In the last two years The Dalmore has sold some seriously rare and expensive whiskies in record time. Sirius, which cost £10,000 a bottle with only 10 available worldwide, sold out in four days. It is now changing hands for twice that price less than a year later.

In 2009 the distillery created a bespoke, one off whisky called Oculus which sold for a record breaking £28,000 at auction.

David Robertson, director of rare whiskies for brand owner Whyte & Mackay, said: "Consumers of luxury products expect authenticity, craftsmanship and a rich heritage. The Dalmore has that in spades, definitely more so than any other whisky brand, and arguably more so than many other luxury products. That is why its is so revered.

"But they also expect the best possible experience when they visit the home of a product. And we are not there yet..........but we will be!"

The company has a two year phased programme in place to refurbish the visitor centre and shop, improve key distillery buildings, enhance signage and invest in training for its tour and distillery staff.

The aim is to build on the financial success of the visitor centre which has seen profits rise by more than 400% in the last two years, and the spend per head from each visitor double in the same timescale.

Robertson enthused: "We will create a multi sensory experience which will bring the alchemistic artistry of the brand to life. Esteemed whisky writer Jim Murray said he sat stunned and in awe of the Dalmore liquid. Visitors will be stunned and in awe when they leave the distillery in two years time."

The distillery believes the investment could bring massive benefits to the local economy by bringing in wealthy tourists willing to spend big money in the area.

The company also recently launched a Clan Mackenzie bottling designed to raise much needed funds to refurbish Castle Leod which sits nearby the distillery and is the spiritual home of the clan.

Robertson believes this will also attract high spending visitors.

"With both the castle partnership and the distillery investment, we are making some real and tangible contributions to the North of Scotland economy. Imagine if we have an amazing visitor centre attracting the wealthiest clients in the world who will spend money locally. Imagine if we have a beautiful refurbished castle which in itself becomes a lighthouse destination attracting hundreds and thousands of people to the area.

"It's a big dream and may not happen, but nobody can accuse us of not having an ambitious vision."

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