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Master of Malt...sample service

Postby Rob Allanson » Thu May 20, 2010 1:35 pm

Online retailer and independent bottler, Master of Malt, have launched a revolutionary whisky sample service called "Drinks by the Dram".

For the first time ever, whisky lovers and drinks connoisseurs will be able to purchase inexpensive 3cl (30ml) samples of a rapidly growing range of Scotch whisky and other spirits from across the globe.

The inability to sample high-end drinks like Scotch whisky before making a purchase has been a clear stumbling block for online off-licenses since their emergence in the late 1990s. "Drinks by the Dram" neatly solves this problem allowing by connoisseurs and beginners alike to 'try before they buy' on a huge range of whiskies and other spirits.

Master of Malt's Sales Director, Ben Ellefsen, explains that the idea originally grew out of an informal sample service for friends and staff:

"As pretty serious whisky fans ourselves, we wanted a way that we could sample new releases from our favourite distilleries and bottlers without the expense of committing to a whole bottle of each before we'd even tried it."

The range is expanding rapidly, and there will be several hundred more samples available by the end of May, with over a thousand expected by Christmas. A full list of samples is available at:

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