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Glenfiddich 30 and 40

Postby Rob Allanson » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:26 am

Glenfiddich today announced a new release of the highly sought-after Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky. Alongside the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old and Glenfiddich 40 Year Old, released earlier this year, the Glenfiddich 30 Year Old is a rare and elegant example of the distillery's pioneering approach to producing the world's most exceptional aged single malt Scotch whiskies.
This year, for the first time, each bottle of Glenfiddich 30 Year Old will bear an individual bottle number and batch number to identify precisely which Glenfiddich casks the Malt Master selected to marry together to create that bottle of Glenfiddich 30 Year Old.
Also announced is the release of a strictly limited number of bottles of Glenfiddich 40 Year Old - created using the remnant vatting system.
This is the 6th release of Glenfiddich 40 Year Old and, with only 600 bottles released worldwide, it is eagerly anticipated by connoisseurs the world over. Matured in oak casks for at least 40 years, this single malt was specially selected by Glenfiddich's skilled craftsmen and added to the remnant of the previous year's vatting to impart a great depth of flavour and consistency to the single malt - and a quality unrivalled in other rare whiskies of this age.

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