Glenfiddich at Stansted

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Glenfiddich at Stansted

Postby Kate » Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:29 pm

Research shows that more and more of us are buying our whisky at the airport.
Now travellers using London’s Stansted airport can enjoy the ‘Glenfiddich Experience’, a unique combination of retail, tasting bar and brand education with the opportunity to personalise your purchase.
The dramatic unit dominates the airside concourse, with an estimated 500 bottles on display. A giant DVD player screens eye-catching film of the distillery and production process whilst a huge 3-D hologram of Glenfiddich’s stag follows you as you move round the unit.
Visitors to the stand can taste virtually the full range of Glenfiddich single malt expressions, though the £10,000 Glenfiddich Rare Collection 1937 vintage remains behind lock and key. Apparently, just 13 bottles remain out of the 68 offered for sale so you’ll have to fly if you want one.
But the Glenfiddich Experience’s best trick is saved to last – you can have your bottle personalised while you wait.
Your message is typed into a computer and, just 30 seconds later, a label carrying your details is being hand applied to your purchase.
Glenfiddich’s duty free director Bob Downing told us: “It’s a beacon for malt whisky in the terminal.”

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