Do you fancy some frisky whisky?

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Do you fancy some frisky whisky?

Postby Kate » Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:12 pm

John Milroy, founder of London whisky retailer Milroy’s of Soho, has been pioneering malts for 40 years. And to celebrate his 70th birthday he thought it would be fun to introduce three whiskies with a difference.
Two of them – Frisky Whisky and Silver Barley – offer a non-serious approach for new whisky drinkers or those wanting a good basic whisky. Frisky Whisky is ideal to rejuvenate you at the end of the day at a stimulating 60% vol.
Silver Barley is a young blended scotch whisky ideal as an alternative mixer to compete with top quality vodka or rum, or to serve from the freezer as you would schnapps. John has also released a 12 year old vatted malt called Dram House.
The non chill-filtered whisky is a vatting from 12 different distilleries including some of the best Speyside and Island malts.
All three whiskies are stocked at Berry Bros and Rudd in London, with stockists in Japan and other markets to be confirmed. For more information contact John on +44 (0)1728 605 655 or

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