Whisky’s coming home

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Whisky’s coming home

Postby Kate » Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:36 pm

The ancient Abbey in Fife where Scotch whisky is said to have been born has its own whisky once more.
Lindores Abbey in Newburgh has its own dram again, more than 500 years after whisky was first distilled there - the first record of it in Scotland.
And it is set to play a major role in attracting thousands of visitors to the ancient site.
The new whisky, called Lindores Abbey, is a vatted product, mixing together malts at least 30 years old.
There will be just 500 bottles made available, and it is expected to be the first in a series of special releases. Some of the profits from the sales of the whisky will go towards maintenance of the Abbey.
The bottles will be sold in wooden presentation boxes and each will be numbered and be accompanied by an ‘angel’s share’ certificate.
The whiskies for the vatted malt have been selected by Euan Shand of Duncan Taylor and Co.
Lindores Abbey owner Drew McKenzie-Smith said that the new whisky would be the first step to reconnecting Scotch with its birthplace.
“Eventually we aim to bring whisky back to the place of its birth by the creation of a visitor centre and eventually a micro-distillery where, using the same water supply and fields of barley that still surround the Abbey today, we continue what Friar John Cor started all those years ago.”

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