Let it grow...let it grow.. (tune: Let it be)

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Rob Allanson
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Let it grow...let it grow.. (tune: Let it be)

Postby Rob Allanson » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:30 am

This from the chaps at caskstrength.net, a great charity initiative from the Master of Malt.

Today is the first of November and your shavers should be well and truly packed away - well at least for your top lips. Ever fancied growing a moustache, but needed a reason to run it past the wife/girlfirend/boss?.... we'll here's a great one. And there's even some whisky involved!!!

Movember is a global charity raising awareness and funds for men's health issues whilst having a spot of fun along the way. Every November, chaps around the world show their support by growing Marvelous Moustaches and putting on events to raise funds.

Whisky 4 Movember is a brilliantly novel idea from the lovely folks at Master Of Malt, with a limited bottling of vatted malt from the 2 distilleries from the Island of Orkney is available from today. The minimum age of these whiskies is eleven years old, although much of the whisky used in the vatting is older and more complex.

The crowning glory is the 5 different labels which adorn the bottles... each featuring a famous moustache style!
No. 1 - The Handlebar
No. 2 - The Dali
No. 3 - The Chevron
No. 4 - The Pencil
No. 5 - The Walrus

It is the greatest of honour to report that the image on the front of the Handlebar label is of my own moustache, with both the Chevron and the Walrus images adorning the top lips of whisky legend Dave Broom and the equally legendary Serge Valentin from Whiskyfun.... rest assured, my whiskers are still beaming from ear to ear!

The super-limited-edition Whisky4Movember bottling will only run to 984 bottles in total and is available for only £29.95. All profits from the bottling will be donated directly to the Movember Charity.

Visit masterofmalt.com to see and buy the full range of Movember labels in full effect.

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Re: Let it grow...let it grow.. (tune: Let it be)

Postby Reggaeblues » Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:57 pm

Congratulations on your 'tache!

Whilst not wishing in any way to undermine your efforts, nor the Beatles' wonderful song, the anorak in me just HAS to point out that there is a very nice ditty by Eric Clapton called "Let It Grow..."

461 Ocean Blvd is the ablum, I think...

Sadly my top lip is not particularly fruitful, so I won;t be ...erm...competing!

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