Octave offerings

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Octave offerings

Postby Rob Allanson » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:04 am

The Glenglassaugh Distillery Company announces the release of individual 'Octave' casks of new make spirit. This is the first time that Glenglassaugh, re-opened in December 2008, has offered direct-to-the-consumer sales of its new make and marks a further step in the
evolution of the distillery under new management and ownership.

The 'Octave' casks contain 50 litres of new make spirit at a filling strength of 63.5% abv. and are priced at £500 each. An 'Octave' cask is constructed from individual staves selected from larger casks previously used to store Scotch Whisky and, as such, is technically a 'refill' cask. Each is individually checked at the distillery to determine its suitability for maturation and private sale.

As managing director Stuart Nickerson explains: "The 'Octave' cask of around 50 litres was traditionally a popular size for private sales but, as these declined after WW2, was rarely seen in recent years. Since re-opening the distillery we've received a number of requests from individuals to buy spirit in cask for maturation and bottling on site and this is the result."
The 'Octave' casks will be filled with spirit personally approved and selected by Nickerson, a former distilleries director of William Grant & Sons, and distilled by distillery manager Graham Eunson, who joined the company at start-up from the iconic Glenmorangie distillery which he managed for 12 years.
Further details of the 'Octave' private cask scheme may be found by emailing casks@glenglassaugh.com or visiting the website at http://www.glenglassaugh.com

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